Ask the Chief Challenge Coin

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Ever since the Chief Petty Officer class of the U.S. Navy was created in 1893, one phrase has been used time and time again to communicate the influence and respect this rare breed of NCO has had with enlisted personnel and officers alike: “Ask The Chief.”

Whenever a sailor faces a problem that’s insurmountable or a junior officer meets a challenge that he or she cannot overcome, they simply “Ask The Chief.” These seasoned deck plate leaders draw upon a bottomless well of wisdom and technical expertise and ably dispense their hard-won knowledge to a new generation of naval personnel.

Through calm and stormy seas, the unwavering skill and determined command of Chief Petty Officers are at the core of what makes the U.S. Navy the most imposing sea-faring force in the world.

The center of this coin is cut out, allowing the Chief Petty Officer’s emblem to transmit a heightened tactile feel to the holder. The letters “USN” are stamped boldly across the fouled anchor and chain insignia, symbolizing the CPO’s creed: “Unity, Service & Navigation.”

The reverse hold the same fouled anchor design with the text of the U.S. Navy’s core values – “Honor, Courage, Commitment,” ringing the coin.

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