C-130 Hercules Coin

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Capable of short takeoffs and landings from ill-equipped fields in the roughest environments, the C-130 Hercules primarily performs a tactical mission, air-dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas.

Its unique profile and majestic wingspan make the C-130 is easy to identify; its potency and versatility make it essential to the success of the Air Force mission.

First flown in 1956, the workhorse C-130 operates under multiple Air Force commands, including Air Mobility Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Air Combat Command, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, Pacific Air Forces, Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve Command. Payloads that have passed its aft loading door and ramp include utility helicopters, armored vehicles, palletized cargo, and of course, military personnel. It can be reconfigured for missions as diverse as Antarctic ice resupply and aeromedical missions, making it perhaps the most adaptable weapon in America's arsenal.

This coin pays tribute to the C-130 Hercules and salutes all those who help maximize this aircraft’s colossal strength in defense of freedom.

Minted in a proprietary brass alloy and given an antique finish, the reverse features the classic Hap Arnold wings of the Air Force with distinctive yet durable enamel in blue and red. This coin is minted using special splash dies which result in a thicker coin with more weight, but also excellent relief and detail that is hallmark of this process. The result is a plane that looks like it will fly right off the the coin.