Korean War Veteran Coin

The gallant Veterans of the Korean War will forever be remembered for their efforts to defend freedom and secure peace on the Korean peninsula. 

As America's first combatants in the Cold War, these brave warriors delivered on our nation's promise to halt the spread of communism. Through their bold and selfless sacrifice, those who fought to protect the citizens of South Korea during the Korean War gave voice to the truth that freedom isn't free. Over the course of three years, from 1950 to 1953, America's troops put their lives on the line to defend a nation halfway around the world so that liberty's lamp would continue to burn brightly. Their courage is rightly celebrated today and they are honored as true American heroes. 

This coin is dedicated to all Korean War Veterans, whose contribution to freedom more than a half-century ago is still appreciated today. The obverse features a rendering of the nation of Korea with "Veteran" imprinted in bold above. The reverse depicts a soldier advancing with rifle in hand as a Bell H-13 helicopter flies overhead. Featured below this scene is a rendering of the Korean War campaign ribbon. 

Struck in a brass alloy and brushed with an antique finish, this coin is accented with bright enamel finish on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that chronicles the firm resolve and inspiring courage of all those who fought to defend freedom during the Korean War.