U.S. Army Military Intelligence Coin

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Providing technical and tactical information to support the mission of the U.S. Army throughout the world, the Military Intelligence Branch plays a crucial role in America's global military strategy.

The Military Intelligence Branch was officially founded in 1967 and is charged with gathering, analyzing, and distributing information to enhance the combat capabilities of America's forward deployed forces. Exploiting the most advanced technology and tactics, the skilled soldiers who serve this branch use signal and counter intelligence and electronic warfare to strengthen the Army's warfighting power, ensuring its continued dominance on the battlefield.

This coin salutes the skill and dedication of all those who serve the Military Intelligence Branch of the U.S. Army. The obverse replicates the detail of the Military Intelligence Branch Plaque, which features a distinctive rose and sun design superimposed on a broad sword. The reverse bears the official seal of the U.S. Army.

Minted in a brass alloy and finished in bronze, this coin is imbued with enamel on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the mission and history of the U.S. Army.