U.S. Army Veterinary Corps

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The Veterinary Corps has supported America's global military mission by advancing the Army's animal care, public health, and disease prevention capabilities.

Founded in 1916, it has remained squarely focused on strengthening the combat readiness of the Army's soldiers by providing effective animal disease control, spearheading public health campaigns, and conducting invaluable biomedical research. As part of their mission, the skilled officers of the Veterinary Corps lead food safety and security inspections and provide routine and acute care to ceremonial horses, military working dogs, and other Army animals. In addition to these duties, these men and women help to formulate policies, doctrines and procedures for the Army's veterinary medicine programs and advise commanders on best practices to sustain the health and well-being of soldiers and their animals stationed throughout the world.

This coin salutes the mission of the Veterinary Corps to strengthen America's Army through effective public health programs and innovative biomedical research. The obverse contains the official insignia of the Veterinary Corps. The reverse bears the seal of the U.S. Army.

Minted in a brass alloy and finished in bronze, this coin is imbued with enamel accents on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the mission and history of the U.S. Army.