Navy Individual Augmentee Challenge Coin

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Individual Augmentees (IAs) are Sailors who support or “augment” another Navy, Marine Corps or Army command. Sailors usually go to their IA assignment on temporary or TAD orders and return to their current or “parent” command once they complete their assignment. Assignments vary in length from a few months to a year or more.

The Army has developed a two to three week training program for Sailors. Topics include:

Weapons qualifications

Convoy operations

Urban operations

Code of conduct

First aid

Cultural awareness

Once training is complete, the sailor is transported to the theater of operations where further familiarization with the area is gained then the sailor is sent to the command to be augmented.

This coin salutes the men and women who serve as individual augmentees. Minted in brass, this coin is coated in a durable enamel finish, and is packaged in a polybag with a header card.