Aviation Center, Fort Rucker Challenge Coin

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Fort Rucker is a U.S. Army base located in southeast Alabama and was named for a Civil War officer, Confederate General Edmund Rucker. The post is the primary flight training base for Army Aviation and is home to the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence (USAACE) and the United States Army Aviation Museum.

The US Army Aviation Center of Excellence is the primary military facility at Fort Rucker. Training, doctrine, and testing are all key parts of the Center's mission to develop Army Aviation's capabilities. All Army Aviation training has been undertaken at Fort Rucker since 1973, as well as training of US Air Force and ally helicopter pilots. Operational units on the post include the 1st Aviation Brigade handling Army Aviation training, and the USAF 23d Flying Training Squadron for the training of Air Force helicopter pilots.

Fort Rucker is often referred to as "Mother Rucker"; it is common knowledge in an Army Aviation career, that "Everyone returns to Mother Rucker," because of the frequency of pilot training, and re-education.

This coin honors Fort Rucker and salutes all who have been stationed there. This coin is minted in a proprietary brass alloy using a special splash minting process. Thicker blanks are used and the splash minting results in a heavier coin with deeper relief and much greater realism and detail in the coin than a conventional die struck coin. The coin is given an antique bronze finish and packaged in a polybag with a detailed header card.

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