F-16 Fighting Falcon Coin

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The F-16 lightweight fighter first entered US Air Force service in 1979 to succeed the F-105 and F-4 fighter bombers. Designed to function in multiple mission types and be ready for action at any time, the F-16 has one engine, extreme maneuverability, and Mach 2 flight capability. The F-16 aircraft was the first to use a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire flight control system. It is capable of 9-g maneuvers, and is often regarded as the most successful fighter jet in aviation history.

With its M61 cannon and 11 hardpoints for various missiles, bombs, and pods, the F-16 Fighting Falcon – also sometimes called the Viper – has proven to be both versatile and deadly. In combat, its ability to stay, fight, and return is superior to all potential threat fighter aircraft. Its bubble canopy gives the pilot unobstructed forward and upward vision, and superior vision to the side and the rear. Its side stick provides enhanced aircraft control.

F-16 Fighting Falcon Characteristics:

* Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-200/220/229 or GE F110-GE-100/129 (1)

* 27,000 pounds of thrust

* 32 ft., 8 in. wingspan

* 49 ft., 5 in. length

* 16 ft. height

* 19,700 weight without fuel

* 1,500 mph (Mach 2)

* above 50,000 ft. flight ceiling

* 2,002 mile range

Minted in the USA from special deep-relief coining dies; struck from solid bronze; and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, the F-16 Fighting Falcon challenge coin pays homage to this workhorse of US Air Force tactical air combat, its pilots, maintenance, and logistical support personnel. The obverse features the F-16 Fighting Falcon armed with missiles scrambling to a dogfight, a schematic representation of the aircraft, and an image of the aircraft’s namesake bird of prey, the falcon. The reverse features the Air Force symbol trimmed in Air Force blue.