Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of All Who Threaten It Challenge Coin

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As a nation, we hold many truths to be self-evident. Thomas Jefferson said these included Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

But, when enemies threaten the rights that our nation was created to guarantee, that is when the sailors, aviators, and specialized personnel of America’s aircraft carriers ably step to the fore and pursue all who threaten.

Crewed by courageous men and women who know they may be the first to be called upon to strike in defense of liberty, the US carrier fleet includes not just these cities on the sea able to project military might across the globe, but air wings; destroyer squadrons; guided-missile cruisers; and guided-missile destroyers.

Whether you are one of the men and women who fly, sail, and support American aircraft carriers (or have in the past), or just one of the grateful many who appreciate their efforts, this challenge coin speaks the truth plainly. Carry it with you as a tribute to your service or in support of those who have done their share to make America safer.

Minted in the USA from special deep relief coining dies; struck from solid bronze; and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, the Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of All Who Threaten It challenge coin is the ultimate challenge to all adversaries.