H-34 Choctaw Engravable Challenge Coin

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The H-34 Choctaw is a highly successful helicopter used by all branches of the US military, originally developed from an anti-submarine warfare requirement for the United States Navy. Manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Company, the H-34 Choctaw has served mostly as medium transports by more than 25 countries on every continent.

The Choctaw has performed a variety missions for both military and civilian purposes. Perhaps most famous for its role in Vietnam prior to adoption of the UH-1 “Huey,” the H-34 has participated in combat operations all over the world, including Algeria, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. On the civilian side, the H-34 proved quite versatile in saving flood victims, fire-fighting, astronaut recovery and carrying presidents. The H-34 was also license-built in England where it was known as the Westland Wessex, seeing active military service until as recently as 2003.

This H-34 Choctaw challenge coin is captures this well-known and versatile helicopter that has served both the military and civilian sectors for more than 50 years. Whether you have served with the H-34 in a military or in a civil capacity, this is one coin you will be proud to own.

This bronze coin with antique finish was struck using special "splash" dies, which give the H-34 Choctaw challenge coin exceptional quality and detail. The obverse of H-34 coin features front, side, and top profiles of the H-34 in the background, while an H-34 captured in flight occupies the foreground. The reverse of this coin features a place for engraving, which can be used to convey a special message or tribute. Proudly minted in the United States.