L-4 Grasshopper Challenge Coin

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The Grasshopper airplane series was vital for the US military in the Second World War and the Korean War. The Piper L-4 Grasshopper evolved from the successful Piper Cub series that took to the air as early as 1930. In 1941, the US Army began experimenting with with the Piper Grasshopper YO-59 as a light observation and liaison aircraft, impressed with its rugged reliability. It was redesignated as the L-4, to which the "L" identified the aircraft series as "liaison".

A high-wing monoplane design, the L-4 Grasshopper was braced at the fuselage, with seating accommodations for two that could include a pilot and passenger/instructor. Its proven lightweight and rugged reliability endeared it to her crews. The Grasshopper went on to provide decades of service in war and peacetime with several nations. Designated as the L-4 in 1942, the system was evaluated as training gliders and accepted by the USAAF as the TG-8 followed by the US Navy as the NE-1 and the NE-2. An ambulance version of the Grasshopper was also developed.

Concluding production in 1981, the L-4 Grasshopper served armed forces very well over the years. Some 5,500 aircraft of this series were were produced.

This coin is a perfect gift for pilots and crew who flew the L-4 Grasshopper. The obverse features a detailed, high relief depiction of the plane in flight, while the reverse features the seal of the U.S. Army.