OH-58 Kiowa Army Challenge Coin

The Bell OH-58 Kiowa is a single-engine, single-rotor helicopter used for a variety of missions, most ideally suited for observation, surveillance, utility and direct fire support. The OH-58 was manufactured specifically for the United States Army, based on the design of the 206A JetRanger helicopter. The OH-58 has been in constant use by the US Army since its initial delivery in 1969. Able to carry two-thirds of its weight, it is remarkably powerful and fast.

Following the US Army's naming convention for helicopters, the OH-58 was designated “Kiowa” in honor of the Kiowa Native American tribe of Oklahoma. Today’s version, the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, has seen action in combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. With its crew of two, the Kiowa Warrior flies at 150 mph and wields AGM-114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles, Hydra 70 rockets, AIM-92 Stinger missiles, and M296 50-caliber machine guns.

Many have flown the Kiowa or fought alongside this versatile helicopter. If that’s you, the Kiowa OH-58 challenge coin will make a great keepsake. If it’s someone you know, then this challenge coin will make a superb tribute.

Minted in bronze, this coin was struck using special "splash" dies that provide exceptional detail. The obverse of this challenge coin features front, side, and top profiles of the Kiowa OH-58 in the background, while a Kiowa OH-58 in flight commands the foreground. The reverse features a United States Army emblem.