Presenting the Flag Challenge Coin

This engravable Presenting the Flag challenge coin is an ideal way to pay your respects to the life and service of a military veteran. In precision-struck metal, this coin commemorates the commitment and dedication of those who chose to serve their country so selflessly.

A sacred military tradition, “Presenting the Flag” recognizes the passing of a veteran from one life into the next. The American Flag is held aloft before the funeral casket, and then folded, allowing the fighting spirit of the veteran to enter the flag and be formally retired forever.

The obverse of the coin shows Old Glory, respectfully folded, and being handed to a family member. The coin’s reverse describes the details of this honored ritual encircled by the text “Honoring the Passing; For Service to a Great Nation.” There is an engravable space at the top of the medal to write the name of the departed.