U.S. Coast Guard Ensign Engravable Rank Coin

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Demonstrating proven proficiency and an unwavering devotion to duty, those who earn the rate of Ensign are renowned for their tireless devotion to duty.

Ensigns are the foundation of the Coast Guard leadership corps. Embodying the spirit and pride of America's oldest maritime law enforcement service, they tackle every assignment, no matter how daunting, with inspiring confidence and an unyielding determination to achieve victory. Employing their expertise in communications, intelligence, propulsion, engineering and other critical areas of operation, they provide vital support to Coast Guard commanders throughout the world, ensuring America's security through continued maritime dominance.

This coin pays tribute to the outstanding commitment and advancing skill of all Coast Guard Ensigns. Featured on the obverse is the single-bar rank insignia worn by these individuals. The reverse bears the Coat of Arms of the United States superimposed over a heraldic eagle, which is shown clutching a fouled anchor in its talons. Struck in a nickel alloy, this coin is accented with enamel highlights on both sides. Each coin comes packaged with a detailed header card that describes the unique contributions made by Coast Guard Ensigns.

In honor of the Coast Guard's heritage as America's oldest continuous maritime force, the reverse depicts a team of intrepid Coast Guard sailors braving rough surf as they approach a lighthouse and features a space for engraving.

Struck in a nickel alloy and gently brushed with an antique finish, this coin is accented with crisp enamel highlights. Each coin comes packaged with a descriptive header card that underscores the unique contributions of Coast Guard Gunners Mates.