Army National Guard Bronze Antique Challenge Coin

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Throughout the Revolutionary War, Minutemen - America's first citizen-soldiers - took up arms in the defense of liberty. Motivated by the fierce desire to cast off the shackles of an oppressive British rule, they engaged the enemy with uncommon resolve and unyielding determination.

Today, the proud tradition of the citizen-soldier lives on in the Army National Guard. Standing ready to fight at a moment's notice, soldiers in the Army National Guard play a vital role in securing America's defense.

This coin commemorates the steady service of the members of the National Guard, whose sacrifices remind Americans that liberty can only survive when it is protected by men and women of honor. The obverse features a Colonial-era Minuteman armed with a musket. The reverse bears the impressively detailed seal of the United States Army.

Minted in a brass alloy and finished in antique bronze, this coin serves as a lasting tribute to those who defend America's freedom in the Army National Guard. Each coin comes with a header card, which describes the history of the United States Army.