NAS Corpus Christi Challenge Coin

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The refined craftsmanship of this challenge coin reflects the meticulous skills of all those who serve and train on Naval Airforce Station (NAS) Corpus Christi – claimed by its personnel to be the breeding ground of the bravest and fiercest aviators the skies have ever seen.

Though the base’s primary responsibility is pilot training under the Training Air Wing FOUR, it functions as the home for more than 50 tenant commands such as the US Coast Guard – Sector Corpus Christi, US Customs and Border Protection, and Corpus Christi Army Depot.

Minted in antique bronze and highlighted with bold enamel, this challenge coin is dedicated to Naval Airforce Station (NAS) Corpus Christi and those who serve there. The obverse displays the station’s emblem, presenting Naval aviator wings boldly in the center, flanked by a ground-base indicator on the left, and a simple depiction of a carrier on the right. The reverse depicts the US Navy’s official emblem, symbolic of naval traditions dating back to the nation’s first ships.