Masked Man Collector’s Lunchbox Set

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The Masked Man Collector’s Set includes a premium, collectible Lone Ranger lunch box with twelve Long Colt .45 Copper Bullet Bullion packaged smartly inside. Either you can haunt the comic book conventions to find your own collectible Lone Ranger lunchbox, or you can buy the Masked Man Collector’s Set and get this highly collectible lunchbox and twelve Copper Bullet Bullion replicas of the Wild West’s most popular ammo.

The Lone Ranger sprang onto the cultural scene armed with the .45 Long Colt, the famous ammo of the American frontier! With its unique combination of accuracy and power, no other cartridge would do. Using special bullets designed by his friend, retired Ranger Jim Blaine, the Lone Ranger fought the bad guys and won every single time.

The .45 Long Colt Copper Bullet Bullion is a masterful replica of the ammunition used throughout the Old West! Weighing 1.5 oz, the .45 Long Colt Copper Bullet Bullion won’t work in your revolver to stop the Cavendish Gang, but is a powerful reminder of our American heritage and makes an excellent collectable in its own right.

The Masked Man Collector’s Set comes in two options; this twelve Long Colt .45 Copper Bullet Bullion edition or a six Long Colt .45 Silver Bullet Bullion edition. Each comes with a valuable collector’s lunchbox that every true fan of the Lone Ranger would be proud to own.