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HUMVEE Portable Shovel

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The Humvee Portable Shovel is a perfect item for any backpacking journey. With a folding size of only 15.5 CM, this shovel can fit comfortably in just about any backpack. This Portable Shovel also features a pickaxe, which is perfect for getting into rocks for grapples or any sort of tough digging. With the saw edge of the shovel, you can also cut small roots or branches on bushes or trees. This Portable Shovel has a rubber grip and carbon steel construction for maximum comfort and durability. 

  • Blade 13 x 9 CM
  • Length Folded: 15.5 CM, Unfolded: 41 CM
  • Ideal for backpacking and survival
  • Saw Edge, Pickaxe
  • Rubber grip for added comfort
  • Carbon steel construction 

Item Weight (Oz): 18.70
Open (In):16.00
Closed (In): 6.00