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Good Cop / Bad Cop Challenge Coin

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All officers face situations that call for a little “good cop, bad cop.” But when partners can’t agree on who gets which role, who decides? The coin does. One flip and case closed. Let the coin be the judge.

There’s a perp in the pen and answers are needed yesterday. Who will do the hand-holding and sweet-speak, and who will crank up the heat? Other decision-making techniques aren’t working – the Magic 8-Ball is broken, there are never straws in the lunch room, and rock-paper-scissors is just boring.

Not to worry, this cocky little companion will tell both partners what to do. With a flick of a thumb, your role rotates to a final judgement. There’s no pouting, there’s no cheating, there’s no debating. Flip it and be done with it.

This invaluable referee is the perfect gift for the cop in your life – your partner, husband, wife, brother… the cop who pulls you over tomorrow. The coin is minted in the U.S. in antique bronze, and highlighted by bold hand-applied enamel. The obverse, in a backdrop of brilliant green, declares “good cop.” The reverse, in stark black, proclaims “bad cop.” Let the coin decide.