God Sent Me - Firemen God's Gift Challenge Coin

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In the hellish haze of smoke and flame, pray, and God will give to you fire fighters. With this remarkable challenge coin, honor the selfless warriors of fire sent by God to save America’s citizens. Carry it as a symbol of bravery and compassion; present it as your keepsake for service rendered; give it to the fire fighter who deserves recognition for undertaking one of humanity’s most important duties.

Since nearly the first spark of civilization, men have braved the fangs of flames and the choke-holds of smoke to save souls and property. And from the formation of the first fire company in 1678, fire fighters have glowed brightly, swearing an oath to serve their citizens and protect their homes and businesses. Fearlessness and fortitude carry them into the flames, void of hesitation and question. When fire clutches the innocent, God gives you fire fighters.

Minted in the U.S. from special deep-relief coining dies, struck from solid bronze, and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, this challenge coin is dedicated to all heroic fire fighters. The obverse displays an impressively detailed fire fighter, geared-up and dashing through flames to save a life. Flanking his hurried legs, the words “YOU PRAYED FOR HELP” and “GOD SENT ME” speak of the divine intervention that is a fire fighter and the prayers he answers. The reverse reads “FIREMEN, GOD’S GIFT.”

Give this symbol of dedication and heroism to recognize outstanding service, a thank you for a life saved, or token of solidarity amongst department members.