GhostStryke - Electronic Hearing Protection

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100% Digital Sound Clarity

Extra Powerful Performance With Superb Sound Quality That Surpasses Most High-End Hearing Technologies.

GhostStryke is the newest evolution in ear protection for people that like to hunt or shoot. It will allow you to hear everything around you but will limit loud sounds and protect your ears. Imagine being outdoors and amplifying the sounds of nature by up to 6x's better than the human ear can do on its own but fully confident that any sound over 85 decibels will be compressed and your ears will be protected. This is all-day comfort that can be worn in any setting where loud noises are present.


  • 100% Digital Sound Clarity
  • Offers hearing amplification of up to 6x’s the normal range
  • Protects hearing from sounds over 85 dB
  • Great for hunting, shooting, sporting events, industrial areas, and much more

Experience the edge of performance hearing enhancement with automatic & simultaneous hearing protection without big, bulky head muffs. SportEAR is proud to introduce the Ghost Stryke line for tactical, industrial, safety, auto-racing, concerts, sporting events and any other application that requires you to maintain optimal hearing advantage, while simultaneously protecting your hearing. You no longer have to be inconvenienced with bulky head muffs or large, outdated, uncomfortable behind the ear devices that get in the way of your comfort or performance.  The Ghost Stryke automatically protects your ears from sounds over 85 dB.  A volume control switch is included so you can turn the sound up or down as needed.  Not only will the Ghost Stryke protect your hearing but these plugs will also enhance sounds around you for those who have lost some hearing or when you need to hear every detail.  

The comfort foam and silicone tips allow you to hear and protect your hearing simultaneously.  The SecureFit extenders come in three sizes to choose from to ensure a proper fit for maximum comfort and protection.  A protective carrying case and cleaning brush are included.\

Technical Information

Type: Inside the Ear

NRR Rating: 30dB

Battery: (4) Zinc air hearing aid batteries (included)