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SD Bullion Freedom Round - 1oz Pure Silver


The obverse of this silver round includes a new version of a bold, yet graceful, bald eagle soaring high above a mountainous range. Just below the eagle’s sharp talons is the word "Freedom.” As precious metals investors, we take these words very seriously. Based on our own US Constitution, as well as thousands of years of recorded history, Silver represents money: money that cannot be created out of thin air or manipulated by centralized Governments. Because we believe that silver is money, we decided to call this round the SD Bullion Freedom Round!

The reverse of this silver round features the classic bullseye design with the words “SD Bullion” in the center. The entirety of the reverse face is encircled with stars. On the top half of the round are the words “.999+ Fine Silver” and on the bottom are the words “One troy ounce.”

US Shipping only!  We will not ship silver out of the country!


* .999 silver is referred to as "three nines fine".  It is 99.9% pure, and is the most common maximum purity level bullion sold at the major silver foundries.   In contrast, silver coins are typically between 80% and 90% pure, and the silver used in jewelry is often 92.5% pure and is referred to as "925 silver".  

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