EMT Shears

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If you can cut a penny and they stay sharp you have excellent EMT Shears. These do!

  • 7.5" Overall Length
  • Utility Scissors
  • Great Premium Deluxe Quality
  • Heavy Duty
  • Stainless Steel

Heavy duty style shears for EMT/Paramedic, Emergency medical technicians, Nurses and Doctors. These are powerful heavy duty shears for every day Trauma use. These heavy duty shears can rip through jeans, heavy jackets, multiple layer clothes and sweatshirts. The handles are thick and sturdy for maximum support and grip. These have been tested on the EMS field and on many difference types of clothing. Heavy Duty construction with Black Passivated Steel Blade with teeth. These are made at 290 Degree. Buy a pair for work, daily use, or survival gear needs!