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Copper Bullet (.45 Caliber) - 1 Troy Ounce

Copper is one of the few metals you can purchase in the precious metals field that has a broader range of uses outside of precious metals. Copper is still used in the production of modern currency, though it is used in fairly low volumes in US cupronickel alloys. Even though it is used in a wide range of applications, you can still find copper in popular bar and round forms. Now, a new option is available as well. 

Bullet Highlights:

  • Available to you inside of a plastic bag!
  • All-new copper bullets from SilverTowne!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure copper.
  • Replicates the .45 Caliber bullet.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Inscriptions on the base.

Copper is one of the softer, more malleable metals in the world. It is a ductile metal that has a high thermal and electrical conductivity level, part of the reason it has been used for so long in the production of electrical wiring in homes and businesses, as well as water piping. Copper is technically classified as a commodity, rather than a precious metal, but it does make for a beautiful medium of metal design.

The copper bullets available here are fashioned in the shape of the .45 caliber round. In fact, each one doesn't only take the shape of a .45, it is the actual size and shape of a real .45 caliber round. Just like the silver bullets for sale in the precious metals industry, these are strictly for show and do not fire from real firearms. Copper bullets are packaged in plastic bags for shipping.

The 1 oz SilverTowne Copper bullet. 45 replicates the size and shape of a .45 caliber round. The .45 caliber bullet was designed in 1904 by John Moses Browning for use in a semi-automatic pistol from Colt. The round was tested by the United States Military and after successful trials, it was adopted as the primary chambering choice for the M1911 pistol. This particular model of handgun was the standard-issue sidearm for members of the US Armed Forces from World War I to the Vietnam War.

Each one of the copper bullets in this product listing is available to you with a smooth finish and no inscriptions on the primary surfaces of the bullets. The only markings you will find are those of the weight, metal content, and purity on the base of the bullet. There is also a SilverTowne pick ax mint mark on the base.

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