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Cold Steel Irish Blackthorn

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Black thorn can be found throughout Ireland and the British Isles and was once used to make excellent walking sticks. Originally these walking sticks were however 61 to 122 cm long Shillelaghs, traditional weapons of the rural Irish population. A Shillelagh was a deadly weapon and was finally banned by the British. In order to avoid this ban, the Irish converted their Shillelagh into a 90 cm long walking stick.

The Cold Steel company has now made the original black-spiked stick made of polypropylene. Thus the stick retains all the advantages of the original, but loses the disadvantages. This Irish walking stick is a detailed copy of a collector's piece and will never deform due to the polypropylene. He can not break, Swell or shatter and is easy to maintain with soap and water.
  • Head length: 7 cm 
  • Total length: 94 cm
  • Thickness: 2.5 cm 
  • Weight: 790 g