Cascadia Quarantine Zone First Responders

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Allowing the civilian population to go about their daily activities, the intrepid first responders of the Cascadia Quarantine Zone keep the zombie menace at bay. Whether it’s a dangerous medical rescue, putting out a containment fire, or a full-blown extermination needed, the civilian arm of the Integrated Zombie Eradication and Containment Command is up to the task.

When the IZECC first opened up the Cascadia Quarantine Zone for homesteading and re-population, basic services were required for communities to operate effectively. The last thing the authorities wanted was untrained civilians increasing the infection rates, so a specially trained division was created combining the best of police, fire, and medical response personnel from around the country. These first responders lay their lives on the line every day to keep the growing citizenry safe from brain devouring zombies. 

This coin is modeled on the one given to every qualified member of the Integrated Zombie Command’s  First Responder Teams. It’s minted in shiny gold plate with stone-polish cloisonné enamel. The obverse features the insignia of the Cascadia Quarantine Zone Integrated Quick-Response Force, a now well-known biohazard symbol overlaid with a skull and knife piercing both. The reverse displays the logos of the fire, emergency medical services, and police units united in providing the first defense to protecting the citizens of the QZ. It also features their motto, “First Defense Starts with First Responders.”

Salute the nation’s first line of protection against the zombie hordes by carrying this coin wherever you go, reminding all Americans to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Show your coin to inspire others to fight the evil dead at every turn – to prove that you’re ready for the undead, and that your brain is your own.