Capitol Reef National Park Challenge Coin

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Commemorate your visit to Capitol Reef National Park with this die-struck medallion created by master artisans. Great as a gift, to celebrate a trip or to just hold as a lasting reminder of your journey through America’s great outdoors, this National Parks medallion will capture the Capitol Reef experiences meaningful to you in enduring, splash-minted metal.

Found in southern-central Utah, Capitol Reef National Park is part of the Waterpocket Fold – a geologic landform that’s part of a 100-mile long pleat in the earth’s crust of a ridge of limestone that was once in the ocean. The park is located in a particularly rugged and spectacular area and consists of numerous sandstone cliffs and domes that look similar to the U.S. Capitol Building. 

The medallion’s obverse shows the park’s famed dome-like rock structures and the date the park was established. The reverse displays the park’s famous Native American petroglyphs. Minted in deep relief using a special "splash minting" process, this coin is struck in a brass alloy and given a beautiful lacquered finished.

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