Buy, Sell, Hold - 1 Pair Solid Pure Copper Dice - 1 Oz Ea.

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Pair of Buy, Sell, Hold Copper Dice

Copper Dice Make your broker obsolete with a pair of Buy-Sell-Hold Copper Dice!

Make these precision-machined dice your brand-new portfolio management strategy or give them as a gift to a feckless trader who needs better financial advice than Bloomberg. Regardless if these are for your edification or another trader's, the incomparable quality of these Copper Dice is sure to please.

Why scout for Fibonacci sequence similarities among stocks, or squint hard to see the Japanese candlestick formation? With a simple throw of these dice you can get a complete answer to all your stock buying questions, faster than your broker and just about as useful! However, caution is necessary; the dice are known to give conflicting advice and be more confusing than the latest financial get-rich-quick scheme. Of course, even if you don’t play the market perfectly, at least you’ll own a beautiful pair of Copper Dice that have significant intrinsic value.

Packaged in a blue velour pouch for safekeeping, each die is solid .999-fine copper, weighs 1 ounce.

Make decisions about the future of your finances as simple as a roll of the dice! Copper Dice are a definite BUY!

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  • 5/8 inch (15.24mm) Cube
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