BSA National Youth Leadership Training Coin

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Learning over the course of six days what they will practice for the rest of their lives, the Boy Scouts who participate in National Youth Leadership Training share a fun time with others while practicing the skills they can use as leaders in their home troops – and in any situation demanding leadership in their future. This coin – bearing the symbol of the National Youth Leadership Training program – represents the honor of participation, the lasting friendships made and the experience gained. 

Each coin’s reverse features an area for engraving – perfect for recording the dates of the course, a key lesson learned, or even offering as a gift to a friend newly made.

Minted in the USA from solid bronze; hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail; and hand-enameled with the official colors of the National Youth Leadership Training program, this coin is designed to honor the leaders of the future – both in Scouting and in life. Learning what a leader must be, must know, and must do, the how-to focus of National Youth Leadership Training makes it possible for participants to understand and employ leadership skills quickly, and with this coin, they will remember it always.

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