Blackbox UHF Mobile Radio

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  • Public Safety Radio
  • Easy Install
  • 200 Channels Memory
  • High power: 40w UHF
  • Optional Field Programmability
  • Alpha-Numeric Display
  • Narrow and Wide Band option
  • Alarm/Stun/2-Tone/5-Tone
  • Conventional Network Scalability

Package Includes: DTMF Microphone, Power Cables, Mounting Bracket, User Manual

  • Tune it like a ham radio then write the frequency & other channel info to a memory
  • Wide band receive so you can scan local police, fire, ambulance, Air ambulance etc.
  • Call landlines when cell phones don't work
  • Wide or narrow channel spacing
  • Works all ham repeaters on 2 meters (VHF) and 70cm (UHF) including IRLP nodes
  • Beep on and off, adjustable Time out timer, Scan type (timer or busy ch.), Auto power off
  • Burst tone, busy ch lockout, burglar alarm
  • VFO tuning & scan, Memory scan/memory skip, Full program scan and search
  • Compander function for audio enhancement in narrow mode
  • ANI automatic number identification

Please click here to download the Blackbox™ Mobile Radio Programming Software.

Please refer to the Blackbox™ Mobile Radio Data Sheet for Specifications.

Click here to view the Blackbox™ Mobile Radio Flyer.