AF/IFC 2011 Double Barrel - Silver

As featured in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, as well as in Resident Evil: The Final Chaper,the AF2011-A1 is double barreled pistol based on the design of the M1911. It is practically two M1911 pistols built into a single side-by-side frame. Its barrels, triggers, magazines, and hammers all come in pairs, and are connected together so that pulling on one trigger would fire both barrels. The iron sights sit between the two barrels.

In Spectre, the villain Mr. Hinx is shown firing the weapon at Mr. Bond's plane leaving two distinct bullet holes in its side.  Arsenal Firearms supplied five weapons for the show.

In the official trailer to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,  it is seen dual-wielded by Milla Jovovich as Alice

It is also seen in S3E19 of Gotham (TV Series). Detective James Gordon is shown reloading the AF2011A1 while conversing with Harvey Bullock in the GCPD.

 In May 2015 American professional speed and competition shooter Jerry Miculek uploaded a video of himself firing two of these bad boys simultaneously.  As of March 2018 this video has generated over 10 million views: