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Adventure Medical Kits Mountain COMPREHENSIVE First Aid Kit

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Suggested uses include mountaineering & rafting, trekking in third world countries, and extended backcountry travel. Upgrades from the Fundamentals kit include a detachable Ultralight & Watertight kit, oral rehydration salts, a scalpel, and dental repair items. Group size: 1-14 persons. Trip duration: 1-28 days.  Size: 11" x 7" x 4.5". Wt: 3 lbs 2 oz. 
  • Contains materials for groups of up to 14 members spending as much as 28 days in the wilderness
  • Treat anything from major trauma to blisters; kit also includes equipment for dealing with infectious materials
  • Modular Easy Care™ system organizes supplies and instruction by injury type, speeding up and simplifying the response
  • Essential equipment: CPR face shield, scalpel, EMT shears, splinter forceps, duct tape, digital thermometer and 4 empty pill vials
  • Wounds: 20cc irrigation syringe, surgical scrub brush, povidone iodine, 10 wound closure strips and triple antibiotic ointments
  • 16 gauze pads, 4 non-adherent sterile dressings, 2 trauma pads and 2 stockinette tubular bandage
  • 2 conforming 3 in. gauze bandages, 10 strip and 10 knuckle bandages, 10 yds. of adhesive tape and 3 tinctures of benzoin
  • 6 After Cuts and Scrapes® towelettes, 4 cotton tip applicators, 6 nitrile gloves and a bio-hazard waste bag
  • For sprains and fractures: moldable SAM® splint, elastic bandage, 2 triangular bandages and 3 safety pins
  • For blisters: 2 GlacierGel blister pads, 22 precut and shaped moleskin pieces and one 5 x 3 in. piece of molefoam
  • For stings, bites and burns: 3 AfterBites® sting-relief pads, 3 cortisone itch cream applications and 1 aloe vera gel with lidocaine
  • Medications: 10 acetaminophen, 6 antihistamine, 6 diamode, 4 aspirin, 10 cold medicine, 10 ibuprofen, 6 diamode, 1 antacid and 1 glucose paste
  • Also, 2 oral rehydration salts and a dental repair mix
  • For handling infectious materials: 3 pair nitrile examination gloves, antimicrobial hand wipes, disposal bag
  • Includes comprehensive wilderness medicine guide accident report forms, pencil and waterproof matches
  • Weather-resistant pouch features a detachable waterproof day kit to take along when you venture away from base camp

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