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5.11 Tactec Holster Pouch - Hook & Loop

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Compact, lightweight, and reliable, the TacTec CCW Holster Pouch is a quick and easy sidearm holster that remains low profile when not in use. Non-slip traction coating ensures secure carry, and universal web gear/hook and loop fastener Compatibility allows you to mount it on a wide range of 5.11 apparel. Whether you need a fast belt pouch holster on your RUSH backpack or a concealed carry holster pouch for your Double Duty Jacket, the TacTec CCW Holster Pouch is the perfect choice.

  • Quick and easy CCW holster
  • Belt, hook and loop fastener and web compatible
  • Can be sized to carry magazines
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Non-slip traction coating