10,000 Strike 5 in 1 Survival Fire Starter Kit & Whistle

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Magnesium Rod: Lasts for 10,000 strikes. Highly flammable while shaving and safe enough to take with.

Produces a bright and intense sparks to light the kindling in any weather or altitude and the lightening sparks may also be a signal while in emergency at night.

Not only for outdoor survival, can this fire starter also handy at home. Great for lighting BBQ's, Chimneys and makes a great replacement for fireplace matches.

Ideal for indoor & outdoor activities, Campfire, Grills, Hiking, Hunting, Military, Rescue. Anywhere and any weather, when you need a fire, this fire starter would be a nice handy and reliable tool.

  • Thicker Magnesium Rod
  • Steel Toothed Flint Cutter
  • Loud Emergency Whistle
  • Practical Bottle Opener
  • Scale Ruler