DPCR acquired this website in late 2017

The former "OPSGEAR" company no longer is in business. DPCR recently acquired this domain and OPSGEAR trademark from the prior owner.

DPCR (DP Creations, LLC) acquired this website (and the OPSGEAR trademark and copyrights) late in 2017.  It is a different company now and has no direct association with the former OPSGEAR company.  All orders placed in 2017 or earlier were placed with a different company than ours. 

DPCR, as the new owner of the OPSGEAR® brand, is the original umbrella company for Handgun Haven  (Utah's Largest Handgun Selection), and a number of other companies.  DPCR is known for the fastest shipping in the industry, and we are now applying our shipping technology to OPSGEAR®.  To back it up, we have a delivery guarantee for all OPSGEAR® purchases, as can be seen in our Shipping Policy page, here.  

For more information about our acquisition of the OPSGEAR® brand, please see our Press Release in our blog, by clicking here.