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U.S. Senate Coin

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This coin celebrates the heritage of the U.S. Capitol and salutes the dedication of the members of the Senate throughout American history. The obverse features the Great Seal of the United States. The reverse features the US Capital. Struck in a brass alloy and finished in antique bronze, this coin is accented with rich enamel highlights on both sides.

The official seat of the Legislative Branch of the United States Government, the U.S. Capitol is the grand symbol of America's representative democracy.

Designed and constructed in the neoclassical style, its elaborate columns and spectacular rotunda make it one of the most easily recognized buildings in the world. The U.S. Capitol was built in stages between 1793 and 1826 and has undergone frequent renovations throughout the past two centuries. It consists of two chambers, the larger of which is occupied by the House of Representatives with its 435 members. In conjunction with the U.S. Senate, the members of this elected body initiate, debate, and vote on legislation which impacts the life of every American.