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Southwest Asia Campaign Service Coin

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Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal – Engravable

A significant recognition of military service performed in Middle East, the Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal celebrates American active duty heroes who fought for freedom by securing American interests abroad. This challenge coin version of the Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal is suitable for display or to be carried as a memento by the recipient or the recipient’s family and comrades-in arms. This coin upholds the significance of the Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal and can even be engraved with the honoree’s name and date of award.

The Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal honors any service member who served on temporary duty for more than 30 consecutive days, or 60 non-consecutive days, who served in support of Operation Desert Shield or Desert Storm, in designated areas of Southwest Asia, between 2 August 1990 and 30 November 1995.

This coin is minted in the USA from solid bronze, using special deep-relief coining dies, and hand-finished with an antique patina for exceptional quality and detail, then imbued with bold enamel. Die struck out of thicker blanks, this coin will have a substantive feel to it as well. The obverse features the colors of the Southwest Asia Campaign Service Medal ribbon and depicts scenes from the Persian Gulf War also seen on the medal. The reverse has space available for engraving. The coin comes packaged in a polybag with a header card.

This coin is dedicated to the US military men and women fight for freedom and honors their commitment to their sworn duty in perilous and inhospitable conditions.