Arsenal Firearms Strike One - Marine Blue

The hard-to-find Arsenal Strike One is manufactured in Italy, and no longer imported into the United States.  At SHOT Show in 2016, Arsenal Firearms announced they would be partnering with Salient Arms International and Prime Ammunition in the newly formed Prime Group to produce a variant for the USA market known as the Stryk pistol, but as of March 2018 the Stryk still has not been released.

The Strike One pistol features a low bore axis (the distance from the barrel central axis to the top of the grip) of only 12 mm (0.47 in).  In comparison, an H&K USP measures 32mm, and a Glock 17, known as a low bore axis design, is still 20mm.

The low bore axis of a Strike One results in 30% less recoil rise than comparable models, making the Strike One an excellent choice for competition, because it allows for faster return to target.

The Strike One uses a Bergmann System introduced in the Bergmann–Bayard pistol. Unlike the Browning system, the barrel does not tilt. It is locked with a Y shaped part that during the recoil locks the barrel and bolt and halfway through it drops, releasing the barrel. The barrel stops its motion, the bolt continues back, ejecting the spent cartridge case and loading fresh cartridge and on its way back the Y shaped locking fork reengages and the barrel and bolt move together forward. Instead of tilting the barrel only moves in a straight line, thus increasing the accuracy.

  • TYPE: Geometric lock, semiautomatic hammerless pistol
  • ACTION: Short recoil, in line barrel, patented locking block system
  • CALIBERS: 9x19 Para, 9x21 IMI, .357 SIG, .40 S&W
  • TRIGGER: Automatic safety, Safe Action only
  • SAFETIES: Single arc trigger safety, with firing pin automatic safety
  • MAGAZINE: With ambidextrous push-button release, 17 rounds, staggered (9) 13 rounds (.40 S&W-.357 SIG)
  • FRAME: Reinforced polymer or Ergal light alloy
  • SLIDE: With front and rear cocking panels, rebateding. Milled, 10% lighter slide on the Speed model.
  • SIGHTS: Interchangeable back plate/sight, (fixed or adjustable Speed) or Micro-Dot ready
  • TOTAL LENGHT: 210 mm
  • BARREL LENGHT: 127 mm
  • TOTAL HEIGHT: 143 mm
  • TOTAL WIDTH: 33 mm (all versions)
  • TOTAL WEIGHT (ERGAL): 890 Grs.