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Ultra Light Poly Lycra Balaclava - Orange

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Great for when you are on a motorcycle, bicycle, skiing, or any other outdoor activity.

Made of high quality lycra and polyester, this face mask provides great protection to your face, ear and neck from sun, wind, cold and snow. Soft, and comfortable. Its breathable material allows you to move and ventilate while providing ultra protection.

Also perfect for war games, paintball, airsoft and hunting.

It is versatile to be used all the year around. In summer, it provides sweat absorption and protection from the sun. In winter, it helps to protect from wind and cold.

  • Material: lycra
  • Size: 45 x 25 cm (L x W)
  • Head circumference: 48 - 58 cm
  • Eyes width: 6 cm
  • Eyes to bottom: 26 cm
  • Net weight: 42 g