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BLACKHAWK Ballistic MICH Helmet - Level IIIA

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This BLACKHAWK! product is restricted to Military, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel ONLY (Blackhawk Policy).

Based on the original Special Ops MICH, this design epitomizes the BlackHawk motto: LIGHTER, STRONGER, FASTER, BETTER. This helmet maintains a large coverage area while providing extreme comfort. This helmet is designed for Military and Police special tactical units where compatibility with all NV and communication systems is of critical importance.

  • Military / DOD: Must have copy of Military / Govt. ID and current command.
  • Law Enforcement / Agency / State Govt.: Must have copy of Law Enforcement or Agency ID, or certificate with current Department.
  • Independent Security Contractor:
  • Must have copy of Drivers License, Security Certificate and Letter on company letterhead approving this purchase.
  • Civilians: No Sale, no exceptions.


  • Construction: Plain weave aramid in a high tensile elongation resin
  • Coating: Epoxy and polyurethane shell coatings
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs