237th Army Birthday Challenge Coin

In celebration of the Army’s 237th Birthday, events were held from Missouri to Moscow celebrating the proud history of the courageous soldiers who have marched in freedom’s name since 1775.

In the years since the Continental Congress authorized the Continental Army, citizens of this land have taken up arms in defense of the American homeland and fought the forces of oppression at home and around the globe. This coin commemorating the Army’s 237th Birthday, honors the commitment of all soldiers to the Army’s core values and the clarity of its promise, “This we’ll defend!”

Whether you were at one of these events, currently serve proudly, or have served and still shine with pride at your connection to the world’s most accomplished military force, this coin – celebrating the organization that began as an amateur force of men cobbled from local militias and grew to become “The Strength of the Nation” – will remind you of more than two centuries worth of achievement. Minted in MerlinGold®, a proprietary bronze alloy that simulates the look and feel of gold, carrying this coin is your connection to the rich history of the Army dating back to Artemas Ward and George Washington of the American Revolution to Andrew Jackson, John Pershing, Dwight Eisenhower, Norman Schwarzkopf and David Petraeus.