Cascadia Quarantine Zone - Commander's Award 1 3/4 inch (44mm)

The Pacific Northwest Zombie Containment Area, otherwise known as The Cascadia Quarantine Zone or “CQZ” is manned by the brave personnel of the Integrated Zombie Eradication and Containment Command. Citizens of the “QZ” are free to go about their daily activities while the zombie menace is kept under control by the interoperation of local public safety organizations, military personnel, civilian auxiliaries, and contract biological threat elimination specialists. With the undead threat close at hand, flare-ups can occur at any time but the CQZ-IZC personnel are there to keep the newly re-growing populace safe from harm.

The Commander’s Award challenge coin is presented to members of the CQZ-IZC in recognition of going above and beyond. Whether it’s Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Arroyos’s 1,000th confirmed zombie kill, or the bravery of police officer Brad Perry saving a family of 4 from infection while eliminating a zombie horde, this coin is awarded for exhibiting exceptional zombie eradication excellence.

Minted in a shiny gold plate with stone-polish cloisonné, the obverse of this coin features the insignia of the Cascadia Quarantine Zone Integrated Quick-Response Force, a now well-known biohazard symbol overlaid with a skull and knife piercing both. The reverse features the classic sniper crosshairs aimed directly at the leader of a zombie horde, setting up a headshot which is the only way to be certain of the zombie’s demise.

Now you can recognize the CQZ’s first line of protection against the zombies by carrying this coin and reminding all living Americans to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse. Show your coin to inspire others to fight the undead menace at every turn – to prove that you’re ready for the undead, and that your brain is your own.