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TRU-SPEC XFIRE Crew Neck Baselayer - Short Sleeve - SAND - 2XL REGULAR

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Heres underwear thats way more than something you just wear under your street clothes. Its designed and quality manufactured by TRU-SPEC to be one of the worlds most wearable undergarments for both the military and public safety professionals. Because its manufactured from CORDURA brand Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 cotton/nylon jersey knit thats more protective, more comfortable, more durable and versatile than 100% cotton, its also among the worlds most unique collections of functional apparel.

  • NO MELT. NO DRIP. CORDURA brand Baselayer wont melt or drip like polyester so it reduces burn injury severity and helps protect against flash fires.
  • NO SWEAT. CORDURA brand Baselayer absorbs moisture much more quickly than 100% cotton. It actually wicks moisture away from the skin and dries 2.5 times faster than 100% cotton.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE. With greater strength-to-weight ratio than cotton and exceptional abrasion resistance, CORDURA® brand Baselayer fabric is much less susceptible to holes, tears and snags.
  • EXTREME COMFORT. CORDURA brand Baselayer is ultra soft to the touch and against the skin. The fabric actually breathes and allows air to reach the body, so its as comfortable to wear as it is safe. TRU-SPECs CORDURA brand Baselayer undergarments are manufactured with flat seam construction to reduce friction and with offset shoulder seams to avoid seam stacking.