U.S. Air Force Maintenance Coin

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The highly trained men and women who serve U.S. Air Force maintenance units around the world are renowned for their technical expertise across a wide range of complex tasks.

Providing maintenance from the ground to the air, these talented individuals service and repair the most technologically advanced aircraft, weapons systems, and electronic warfare components known to man, supporting America's warfighters in their mission. Known for their precision skill and attention to detail, the members of this sophisticated workforce contribute immeasurably to the power of the U.S. Air Force, ensuring its continued aerial and dominance and global reach. 

This coin honors all those who serve and strengthen the specialized maintenance units of the U.S. Air Force. The obverse features the insignia worn by those who have earned this designation. The reverse features the historic wing and star emblem first used by the Army Air Corps and inherited by the U.S. Air Force. Struck in a nickel alloy and selectively clad in brass, this coin is accented with brightly colored enamel highlights.