U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Rank Coin

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Serving as highly respected officers on ships and shore stations throughout the world, the Navy's Lieutenant Commanders provide the dedicated leadership necessary for victory. 

These highly trained officers lead and inspire personnel in all departments, from engineering and maintenance to aviation, providing hands-on training to prepare all those in their command for peak performance in times of peace and war. Coordinating the execution of vital technical and tactical functions, their command is essential to the effective operation of any unit. Demonstrating supreme confidence and a talent for getting the job done under any circumstances, Lieutenant Commanders act as the catalysts that drive America's Navy to the successful completion of its global mission.

This coin salutes all those who have risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy for their proven skill and uncompromising leadership. The obverse features the oak leaf insignia worn by the Navy's Lieutenant Commanders. Embedded in a stylized anchor design on the coin's reverse is the official U.S. Navy seal. The reverse also contains a space for engraving. 

This nickel clad coin features enamel accents on both sides, including Navy blue along the obverse rim and a fully-enameled rendering of the U.S. Navy seal on the reverse. Each coin comes packaged with a header card that describes the important role played by Lieutenant Commanders throughout the Navy fleet.