Pathfinder Challenge Coin

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The US Army Pathfinder challenge coin features the famous Pathfinder winged torch, richly enameled with a red flame, symbolic of the leadership and guidance of US Army Pathfinders, those courageous and skilled warriors always at the forefront of combat. Pathfinders are there first, and ‘make it happen.’ Carry this coin with pride.

Training is rigorous to become Pathfinder-qualified. The Army warrior must successfully field navigate on foot, and establish and operate day/night helicopter landing zones and provide air traffic control and navigational assistance to airborne operations. This extreme field training includes advanced scouting, tactical field air traffic control, and parachute operations control. Proficiency in Sling Load rigging and para-dropping of troops and supplies is mandatory. Training is conducted at Fort Benning, GA, and at Fort Campbell, KY.

The Olympic torch was the inspiration for the Pathfinder torch—a torch held high to Victory. The obverse of the US Army Pathfinder challenge coin is the winged torch, surrounded by United States Army, Pathfinder. The reverse is representative of the Army seal, surrounded by United States Army and eight stars. The coin is minted in a rugged nickel alloy using “splash” dies, providing exceptionally deep relief and beautiful detail. It is brushed with antique finish.