Volunteer Fire Fighter Fire Heritage Engravable Challenge Coin

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More than half of America’s fire fighters are volunteers – people who make a brave commitment to protecting their neighbors and hometowns from the destructive and deadly power of fire. Inspired by Benjamin Franklin, these good men and women band together to protect home and hearth against every emergency in an amazing embodiment of the American spirit.

For those who do this important work, this coin is a mark of brotherhood and a sign of honor. Splash-minted in bronze with an antique finish for high relief and superb detail, this coin’s obverse features the Maltese Cross. Worn by the Knights of St. John, Christian warriors who exhibited uncommon valor in the Crusades, the Maltese Cross has been displayed as a badge of honor by fire fighters throughout the world for centuries. Historic symbols of the fire fighter are at the center of the Cross – helmet, ladder, axe, and horn. The reverse – suitable for engraving a message for your favorite volunteer fire fighter –celebrates the heritage of America’s bravest as they travel on the back of an old fire engine in a race to tame the flames threatening lives and property.