M-1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Challenge Coin

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Named after General Creighton Abrams, Commander of America’s forces in Vietnam, the M1 Abrams tank is the backbone of the US Military’s armored forces.

Renowned for its firepower and mobility, this feared battle tank was fielded in 1980 and revolutionized America’s armored warfare capability. Due to its ability to fire reliably when moving at speed over rough ground, the M1 Abrams is able to defend America’s freedom around the globe in diverse terrain and environments. The M1 Abrams carries a four-person crew, sophisticated composite armor and devastating firepower delivered from its advanced main gun.

The tank first saw significant deployment during the First and Second Gulf War and continues to be relied upon today by the soldiers and warriors of the US Army and US Marine Corps.

The M-1 Abrams challenge coin's obverse contains a depiction of the tough M-1 Abrams tank encircled by the infamous words of General Abrams “They've got us surrounded again, the poor bastards.” The reverse has an open area suitable for engraving a name or personal message.

Minted in deep relief using a special "splash minting" process, this coin is struck in a brass alloy and finished in antique bronze.