U.S. Army First Lieutenant Engravable Rank Coin

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Demonstrating advancing skill and burgeoning leadership potential, First Lieutenants play a vital role in strengthening the U.S. Army's global reach. 

Proficient in a variety of tasks, their expanding expertise is crucial to the success of America's military operations throughout the world. As trusted leaders, they communicate a wide range of technical and tactical information to their superiors, contributing to the efficient completion of each and every mission. Renowned for their practical decision-making style and steady command, they are an essential component of America's Army. 

This coin salutes the dedicated service of all those who hold the rank of First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. The obverse bears the singe silver-toned bar worn by those who earn the rank of First Lieutenant. The reverse bears the official U.S. Army seal. Struck in a brass alloy, this coin features bright enamel accents on both sides.