No Prisoners Challenge Coin

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Mount your raid, plan your incursion, and swagger to success with your No Prisoners challenge coin! Whether you are planning a clandestine military mission, a corporate takeover, a MMORPG raid, or poker night, grab this coin to steep yourself with the brash courage of the famous British pirate captain Calico Jack. Three centuries ago Calico Jack stalked the Caribbean’s shipping lanes with his cutthroat crew and two saucy pirate lasses, all prepared to board any vessel and do away with any opponent who dared to stand in the way.

The dreaded symbol of Calico Jack’s infamy was the Jolly Roger. He created it himself of a skull, two swords crossed underneath (to represent his willingness to fight), and a death’s-shroud black field behind. The mere sight of the flying Jolly Roger flag struck immediate fear into the hearts of every sailor on the water, and remains the most recognizable symbol of piracy to this day. The obverse of this challenge coin is minted with an antique bronze finish and bears Calico Jack’s Jolly Roger. The reverse features the words “Take No Prisoners,” a bold declaration of Calico Jack’s intent – and your own – to give no quarter in achieving the objective.

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